Kraków – Poland, April-2010

Association Affranchisemented "Własność"
in Kraków (

The Commissioner of the European Commission – Joaquín Almunia

Dear Commissioner,

As The Association Affranchisemented "Własność" in Poland we are informing you about our activities on non-admission to the liquidation of our - Polish shipyards in Szczecin and Gdynia, although the Commission, directed by you, recommended the liquidation. (C19/2008 - 2008-11-06). We enclose the “COMPLAINT against EUROPEAN COMMISION to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights – polish shipyards” and answer from UN HCHR-Geneve. In the matter of Polish shipyards we also wrote to the Czech President Vaclav Klaus (letter attached). Our intention is covering damages resulting from the recommendations of the liquidation of our yard by EC and we make our way toward it. The complaint against EC is the first step in this direction because in the document (C 19/2008 - 2008-11-06) issued by the EC is recommended: “Shipyard property must be sold at market price (pkt.350). Assets will be privatized by tender open, transparent and not discriminatory and unconditional tender. Shipyard, with the remaining assets will be liquidated (pkt.349). [Majątek Stoczni musi być sprzedany po cenie rynkowej(pkt.350). Aktywa zostaną sprywatyzowane w drodze przetargu otwartego, przejrzystego, nie dyskryminacyjnego i bezwarunkowego przetargu. Stocznia z pozostałymi aktywami zostanie zlikwidowana (pkt.349).]
We look forward to the cancellation of the EC (C 19/2008 - 2008-11-06) decision, recommending ”the liquidation of Polish shipyards”. This will reduce the losses and costs that EC will be forced to give back in the future to our yards and plants co-operating with them. Currently, the matter shipyard in Szczecin is in court. We think that the cancellation of EC (C 19/2008 - 2008-11-06) will be beneficial to our yards and to the Commission led by you. Inhabitants of several villages in Poland Shipbuilders support the against the liquidation of establishments built by many generations of Poles.

Chairman of Association
Affranchisemented "Własność"
Henryk Połcik

to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights – polish shipyards

Kraków – Poland, January-2010

Association Affranchisemented "Własność"
in Kraków (

Ms. Navanethem Pillay
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


Honorable High Commissioner,

          We’re writing to you from Poland as representatives of social organizations in injury matter, made by European Union Commission to polish shipyards workers from Gdynia and Szczecin. Polish shipyards workers pride of the Nation were isolated and thrown to the pavement with his, our - Polish factories - factories built by generations of Poles. Polish engineers built shipyards in difficult times, often without proper payment. And in difficult times, they – shipyards workers using peaceful methods defended peace, freed many nations in Europe and now in the name of pseudo-economics, according to the unequal rules deprive them of jobs. Their factories - shipyards are liquidated according EU decision.           Many people, social organizations endeavor that the shipyards in Szczecin and Gdynia should exist for the good of humanity and are examples for other nations of the World - how to work and defend their jobs.
          Writing this letter after the exhaustion of peaceful means available to us to intervene in defense of Polish shipyards (; Annex 6), we complain to Ms. Navanethem Pillay-UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS against EUROPEAN COMMISION. EU members are members of the UN and are required to comply with the rules in it. EU Commission has pushed ( European Commission decision) the democratically elected Polish Parliament enact laws (ACT fragment “Shipyard” allowing officials at the EU interference in the internal affairs of Polish companies - the way of managing shipyards. We look at our case our eyes and our historical experience. Do not attach too much importance to the economic rules created by people not building factories. “European Union wishing to help Poland shipbuilding solution adopted in November 2008 a document entitled: “State aid No C 19/2008” and built the basis for compensation Act - passed by the Polish parliament, which is practically the end of the shipbuilding industry in Poland.”(European Commission decision,Conference in Spain).
          Referring to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we request a withdrawal of the decision of EU Commissioner recommending the division our shipyards into parts and selling them, which is tantamount to liquidation of the shipbuilding in Szczecin and Gdynia. We also demand compensation from the EU for the lost caused to these recommendations.
          Introduce the current efforts of various individuals, institutions and social organizations not to liquidate of the shipyards in Szczecin and Gdynia documented annexes.
          Positive proposals for solving the shipyard problems in Szczecin were sent to the European Commission Founding Committee of the Association of Shipyard and Shipbuilding Industry in Poland, based in Szczecin(
          In defense of the Shipyards during the debate of the European Parliament ( acted: Jerzy Buzek : “….However, the Commission’s negative decision regarding the shipyards will now result in their bankruptcy, and this situation is difficult to accept….. If the shipyard structure is split up as a result of privatization, it will not be possible to revive the shipbuilding industry.” Janusz Lewandowski: “…that, behind the iron curtain, shipbuilding was regarded as a Polish specialty. Hence the relatively high level of technology and good quality of human capital.” Martin Schulz : “If you close the shipyards now,… you will throw the entire region into economic disaster,…”
          It is the consent of the European Commission for state aid to banks. According to Commissioner Neelie Kroes ( : “The situation of the Polish shipyards, if you will allow me to say so, is completely different to that of the banking sector. ……: the bankruptcy of a major European bank could trigger the collapse of a number of other financial institutions….” Such an approach is the unequal treatment and is contrary to United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Separate sentence also had a representative office of the President Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus (UE President 1.01-30.06.2009 ): ” Like you, I do not see any reason for the institutions like Competition Commission” to exist, I think the national governments, and less so the European Commission, should seek minimum intervention – if any – to the companies’ doing business.”
          Secretary General of the Association of European Shipyards: „…that in Poland we do not have to deal with the economic crisis the shipbuilding industry, but the political crisis”(Conference in Spain).

Chairman of Association
Affranchisemented "Własność"
Henryk Połcik

COMPLAINT supported by
Chairman General Polish Forum
of Affranchisemented Association
Prof. Adam Biela –Lublin

Annexes are described in polish version of complaint

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